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Words can inspire the world! We produce products to

We offer a huge range of Pocket Cards and Bookmarks, Reference Charts for Alternative New Age and also Music Charts.

Ambrosia Flair (formerly Ambrosia Wholesale) is a design and publishing company based in the Sunshine Coast in Australia. We have been operating since 2008 and now have a large established client base with a mix of retail, small business and corporate clients. We carry unique products that you can only get from us. We design and produce many of our own products with the exception of a few imported products.
We are dedicated to providing an excellent product and service. Our goal is to provide an easy and more efficient experience to alternative supply of counter lines and sidelines for busy retail outlets at a reasonable price.

• PROMPT DELIVERY: In Australia most deliveries take place within 2-3 days from dispatch. International deliveries usually take 7-10 days depending on the location.
• FREE FREIGHT: We offer FREE freight for orders over $80.
• QUICK and RESPONSIVE: We’re quick, responsive and provide straightforward answers to your questions.
• PRODUCT GUARANTEE: We offer a unique swap guarantee. If a particular product title or display does not work for you, we will swap it for something different. Our aim is to get the right products for your customers.
• TRANSPORT We use Aust Post and couriers to deliver our products quickly to any point in Australia. Overseas deliveries to the UK, USA or New Zealand are usually 7-21 days


SPACE SAVING DISPLAYS: Ambrosia Flair is unique in offering counter displays that are narrow and compact, giving you maximum turnover for every centimetre of counter/shelf space. The most common complaint from retailers is that there is not enough space on the front counter or shelves for more products. Ambrosia’s goal is to maximise the store owner’s investment in valuable counter/shelf space. Our new slim-line stands are only 13 cm wide, yet hold 192 units in a beautifully presented display. The Pocket Card displays hold 7 x 48 types = 336 units in a display only 20 cm wide. Login for more information on our displays and pricing by registering for access on our wholesale registration page.

Can I distribute or be an agent for Ambrosia Flair?
Yes we are always looking for enthusiastic people who have a passion for customer service. Please contact us by phone or email us at to express your interest.